About Us

 GFF intertwines that social, and political inequalities that fathers face in this transition are more pronounced than what the nation dictate.
 Historically, communities, and market strategies have had resources geared towards  women, and fathers were totally ignored.
     This group need help to become good and responsible fathers. As a whole there is a compelling need for an organization whose sole focus is build on gender equity on this area.

    Likewise, at GFF, the whole idea is to promote a social change by addressing some social problems towards what men go through, and raise awareness.
    By serving as an independent, and clear voice, the foundation will strive to bring together communities, and developmental partners to work together to find solutions to create sustained equity for all its citizens.
    By collaborating and working togetther Global Fatherhood Foundation believes we can make difference and make this world a better place to live.



A successful father is worthy an admiration, and respect.
Subsequently kids are more likely to emulate him.
This forms a strong foundation with the child.