Core Values

core values          include the following:
  • -Catalyst:  By stimulating, sharing, and promote collaborations among various organizations to accomplish a common objective
  • -Impact: Carry out a strategic grant-making program that is flexible, make-sense, visionary, and inclusive.


         -Partnership: Seek relationship with professional advisors, non-profit     making organizations, community leaders, and other foundations to         exchange ideas, share, and disseminate information, and collaborate     to build a stable fatherhood in the community.
    -Uniqueness; A foundation that builds a ‘ bridge’ that gears to develop, and connect young fathers, and their kids.

    -Integrity: To appropriately steward community resources in a p            professional manner by adhering to accountability, and highest             ethical standards.


Fatherhood is fulltime job which requires a

                            Self-sacrifice, denial and unpopular decision.

                                                                                                 But the Long-term benefits are incomparable,

                                                                                              And greatly impact the innocent.