GFF, intend to serve as an independent clear voice, whose mission is to put a positive message to fathers through mentoring.
    By putting into motion, a structured and trusting relationship that brings men together with caring individuals (mentors, and coach) who offer guidance, support, and encouragement aimed at developing a competence character, and
take the fatherhood to level of responsibility, and care.

The mission will be achieved by: 

  1. Mentor young fathers to help guide, and support them with their transition to adulthood. A coach or a role model is a role model who offer:
          • One to one mentoring
          • Guidance,
          • A rich self esteem
          • Council on the benefits of completing high school, and in future continuing with education.
  1. Coach young fathers to take responsibility. The life of a new born is involved. Statistically, it is credited that an involved father are good foundation for the development of a strong family, and healthy kids.
  2. The need to address issues that have a great impact on our community. With a strong backup plan involving a support group, and mentoring father on their side—teen fathers are not alone as they adjust to a new life as a father.
  3. Health and Safety—Mentoring negates bad behavior, and company. By mentoring, youth, and young fathers are challenged to stay away from drugs.
  4. Build a successive image—upon hard work the young fathers can become  successful members of the society.
  5. Social and emotional development—statistically it is shown that kids and youth in mentored relationships exhibit a successful social altitude towards their peer, and parents.
  6. Job Support, and creation—This will be achieved in helping in resume writing, and access Hennepin County website for jobs, and resources.(like search engines for jobs opportunities.


In our increasingly father-neutral and fatherless society,

 Many children today simply do not have a

meaningful relationship with their father.

And yet, a positive relationship

with a child’s father is

 fundamental to healthy

 growth and development.